Carrier- & Wholesale-Products

We deliver wholesale products for carriers based on our high-quality metro area fiber network. Since RelAix Networks is a regional carrier in the Aachen region, we distinguish two classes of products:

Regional products

These products are only available at interconnection sites within our region:

  • Dark Fiber
  • DataCenter/Equipment Housing

Other products

These products are also available at interconnection sites in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Amsterdam:

  • Wavelength 1 GBit/s Ethernet + 10 GBit/s Ethernet
  • Virtual Leased Line (MPLS based) 5-1000 MBit/s
  • Virtual Private LAN Service (MPLS based) 5-1000 MBit/s
  • SHDSL Wholesale Access (VLAN-Interconnection)
  • Global IP-Transit (via AS34953)

Coverage Area

Our networks covers the German cities Aachen, Herzogenrath, Würselen, Alsdorf, Eschweiler and Stolberg.

We offer highspeed-connections (fiber) to many buildings in our region, including:

  • industrial areas
  • technology parks
  • RWTH Aachen university
  • Datacenters EuregioCenter, EurAix
  • business parks

National interconnection points are:

  • Düsseldorf, InterXion DUS1
  • Düsseldorf, Level(3)
  • Frankfurt, Equinix FR5
  • Amsterdam, InterXion AMS7

To check availability, prices and terms and conditions, please send a request via our contact form or call +49 241 990001-140.